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Many of us want to stay in our homes vs. taking on a new mortgage, neighbors, and all the hassle of moving. This reason is why so many people come to Green Builders. We specialize in developing a concept design, working with your budget, and completing your dream home.

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Tell me you don’t like to have a nice clean bathroom. One problem owners have when selling their homes is outdated bathrooms. People us bath fitters and other outfits to cover up ugliness while spending the same amount on a new bathroom. Granted there are options in bathrooms that drive up the cost. Those companies use plastic liners and glue which is also an option we provide.

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A basement addition is a popular choice when adding value and a place for your family to enjoy themselves. Basements are normally 1/3 of the square footage of your home. When you decide to finish your basement, the total value is retained in the sale. Our basement packages are the most competitive pricing for the quality.

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Everyone loves to spend time outside of their home in privacy. There is no better way to enjoy that time than on your new deck. A deck can be built on top of a room or by itself. We have hundreds of varieties of decking, railing, trim, and fastening options available.

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We take pride in building custom fireplaces. We use exotic lumber such as Paduk, Babbinga and Rhodesian Teak for the mantle. We can also build a trim look that can be painted or stained. The most common look for the face of the fireplace is stone, although tiling is also popular. We offer wood burning, gas, and remote control fireplaces so that when your power goes out you have a source of heat that is not dependent upon electricity. The hearth of the fireplace is built from Masonry, either...

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Alright guys, here’s your page right here! Whether attached or detached, who doesn’t want their own area of the house? We can build garages for much cheaper than a house structure. The necessary components are a slab, walls, roof, and electricity.

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When it comes to energy efficiency, there's no better way to add savings than through new windows and doors. The area we lose most of our air is through the window glass and around the units. Andersen and Pella offer decent prices for quality windows. Pella is our top choice, while Viwinco has the best Vinyl window for the buck. When ordering windows through us you’ll receive our discounted prices.

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What a transformation countertops and cabinets can make for your kitchen. Don't we all love to spend time in the kitchen? This is very good place to spend money when considering resale. Our options for making cabinets are unique to say the least. We have a Mennonite who designs and makes his own cabinets for a fraction of the name brand stores. If custom is not necessary, we offer many other options where we assemble the quality cabinets to save you money as well.

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